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Use mobile solutions to create invaluable competitive advantages

Mobile solutions have developed into an efficient tool for companies. Hardly surprising, as they facilitate communication and processes and make them more efficient.

Your maintenance technicians are responsible for keeping machines operational or having them quickly running again after a failure. Hence you know the challenge of mapping mobile processes efficiently and allowing your staff to access data and processes any time, even when travelling.


Maximo Everyplace

Maximo Everyplace allows your technicians to have immediate and online access to allocated work orders (planned or unplanned) and to service orders/tickets (failure-related), as well as the deposited machine and warranty information. Labor hours and spare parts requests can be entered on the mobile device so that the data are available to all employees in real time. The time-consuming post-recording of manual vouchers belongs to the past.

You can configure applications to be used on mobile devices without having to perform an installation on the devices themselves. These mobile applications have the same control elements as the other Maximo applications. Some control elements, however, look differently, because they had to be developed, especially for easier use on a smaller screen.

Maximo Anywhere

Maximo Anywhere is performed as an app on mobile terminals with Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows as operating systems. With Maximo Anywhere apps, mobile staff members can work online and offline. When the staff member is online, the app is connected to the server and data are synchronized in real time. When the staff member is offline, though the connection between the app and the server is severed, the app stays ready for use. The staff member can continue to work with the data collections saved on the device. As soon as the connection is restored, the data are synchronized.
The following mobile apps are available for Maximo Anywhere:
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere Work Execution
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere Work Approval
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere Service Request
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere Asset Data Manager
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere Inspection
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere Issue and Returns
  • IBM Maximo Anywhere Physical Count


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