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IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo is the leading solution for asset- and service-management

Did you know that almost half of the money invested in time-controlled, preventive maintenance is wasted? Only by using a professional software you get the maximum out of your assets.

Maximo helps with automation in all fields of maintenance, including asset history, scheduling maintenance dates, order management, documentation on expenses and costs, material procurement and reporting.



With IBM Maximo, companies of any size reduce the downtime of technical installations, gain an overview of their maintenance costs through precise traceability and can therefore employ their staff and other resources much more effectively. Based on one single software platform, Maximo provides a comprehensive and efficient overall view of all investment goods, including buildings, home technology, production, and logistics up to the IT-infrastructure.

In this context, "Industry 4.0" as well as "Internet of Things" or IoT are often heard key words. Here you can read more about this topics ->

Maximo combines installation and service management in a unique way. It thus helps to reduce costs, risks and reaction time as well as increase earnings from service provision. In this way, maintenance organizations become strategic partners of the business units. They help to meet the requirements of the divisions in the field of optimum availability and best performance of strategic assets. Maximo also provides centralized control of planned and unplanned activities, including long and short-term planning of preventive, reactive and maintenance based on the actual condition. Operational planning and optimization are important performance indicators.

Asset Management

Details of your assets, buildings and infrastructure should be inventoried and looked after. Setting priorities according to location and importance of the installation allows aggregation of the current operating costs and creates transparency..

Material Management

Material management allows efficient warehousing of items and their use.

Contract Management

Contract management allows control of agreements with external companies. The software supports the following contracts: order contracts, guarantee contracts, framework contracts, rental agreements and license agreements.

Service Management

Service catalogs and service level agreements (SLAs) improve organizational cooperation and ensure that the services offered match the requirements of the company. The SLAs are monitored. Deviations can be announced through escalations.

Workorder Management

The software supports planned as well as unplanned maintenance activities, ranging from the order request to the completion and the hours worked record. Job schedulers can allocate available resources to tasks, set priorities and initiate activities for the whole company.

Procurement Management

The system supports all phases of company-wide purchasing, from purchase requisitions to supply contracts and purchase orders, up to receipt of goods and invoices.

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