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Once the issue of finding the best maintenance software has been solved and you have chosen Maximo, the next challenge crops up. The software needs to be implemented. Through our experience and our professional approach, any implementation or upgrade becomes a full success.

Employee involvement

Employees are entitled to be taken seriously. The aims of the project need to be conveyed clearly. A good project culture stands out by the time and the way in which the various employees in the specialist departments are involved. Generally, a well-informed staff member is also a motivated employee.

Save your resources

The permanent conflict between day-to-day operations and the project leads to a dilemma: one tends to neglect either one or the other. Staff members should be called in for clearly defined operations, so that they can return to their daily work afterwards. This is exactly the same principle as is applied in modern approaches such as "agile" software development like Scrum. Long-term projects are likely to aggravate the time conflict.

Training requirements

If staff members are not correctly or sufficiently trained, the solution will not be optimally applied and the employees will develop shadow systems or processes (Excel, paper & pencil, etc.). This is the beginning of insular solutions, as well as expensive and inefficient and uncontrolled proliferation. Ultimately, the software is only as good as the employees who can operate it. Do invest in training in order to create know-how, efficiency and motivated staff members.

Tested software only

Tests cost time and money, but this is only a small expenditure compared to the risk of a complete system failure. Create test cases, based on your business processes, and let your specialist department run them through systematically and extensively.

Project management

An introductory project consists of various components (hardware, software, processes etc.). Project management, along with controlling internal and external resources, is a demanding job. The effort required by project management, coupled with the know-how needed, are often underestimated.

Support after going live

Staff members feel most insecure directly after the introduction. For this reason, after the introduction we put at your disposal, one of our staff members, a so-called floorwalker, to act as a contact person.

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