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Maximo Oberfläche und Funktion

Dank offener Systemarchitektur lassen sich in Maximo passen die Oberfläche von Maximo so an, dass ein effizientes Arbeiten für unterschiedliche Benutzer und Rollen möglich ist. Durch individuelle Startcenter können den Benutzergruppen gezielt Informationen in Form von Listen, Diagrammen oder KPIs angezeigt werden. Mit Workflows stellen wir sicher, dass Prozesse eingehalten und notwendige Informationen erfasst wurden. Und sollten Sie zusätzliche Informationen erfassen wollen, die so noch nicht vorgesehen waren, erweitern wir für Sie das Datenmodell. Oberste Priorität hat allerdings immer, dass die Releasefähigkeit von Maximo gewahrt bleibt.


Maximo supports reports on all levels. From top management and division managers down to individual operative units, we support you in creating clear and correct reports according to your specifications and requirements, with an adequate level of detail, contents and editing, tailored to user groups and purpose.

In addition, we advise you in formulating definitions. BIRT reports created by us can be optimally integrated in Maximo. They can be called up from Maximo, but also transferred together with parameters from the currently opened Maximo object or the hit list. There are almost no limits to the layout of the reports.

  • Lists: the simplest reports are data lists. In the case of numerical data, sums, average values and other recaps can be added.
  • Diagrams: BIRT offers the possibility to display pie, line and bar charts.
  • Cross tables: cross tables (also called cross tabulations or matrixes) display data in two dimensions, e.g. maintenance costs per quarter or incidents per machine.
  • Forms: with BIRT, order forms, master data sheets and other text documents can be created. Documents can contain texts, formats, lists, graphs and much more.
  • Mixed reports: in many cases, the above-mentioned components must be combined within one and the same document. We also provide you with this possibility.


Automate your business processes without turning your company upside down! Maximo Workflow allows you to define clear rules for handling tasks and thus optimizing your processes.

Individual workflows and functions for checking, releasing and automatic transmission of information control the processes and provide more safety, speed and productivity in daily operations. Smart resubmission functions monitor dates and remind you automatically if deadlines are exceeded.

Integration / Schnittstellen

Maximo provides an extremely powerful integration framework that allows the creation of interfaces with other systems without programming. Irrespective of whether you wish to exchange data with the help of an XML-file or access data directly via the application logic with the webservice, Maximo has the corresponding modules ready.

We also let you benefit from our experience in creating simple to complex interfaces for your own project. The earlier you involve us the more efficient the interface specification will become.

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