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Successful cooperation with EAM MaaS AG

For the past two years, both companies, EAM Swiss GmbH and EAM MaaS AG, have been working together successfully. The innovative package from EAM MaaS allows customers to rent their licenses, thus avoiding large initial acquisition costs. In addition, this model is most suitable for growing with the company or with Maximo application areas. Many hundreds of licenses are currently in use with customers from various branches.

Many customers especially appreciate the combination of software, service and additional tools contained in the EAM MaaS Package. At the same time, every customer can choose freely where to store his or her data. It is even possible to run Maximo on in-house systems. We at EAM Swiss pride ourselves that optimal solutions can be found for every customer with the help of the flexible MaaS packages.

We shall be glad to demonstrate to you how your enterprise stands to gain from cooperating with these two high performance companies.