Successful cooperation with EAM MaaS AG

For the past two years, both companies, EAM Swiss GmbH and EAM MaaS AG, have been working together successfully. The innovative package from EAM MaaS allows customers to rent their licenses, thus avoiding large initial acquisition costs. In addition, this model is most suitable for growing with the company or with Maximo application areas. Many hundreds of licenses are currently in use with customers from various branches.

Many customers especially appreciate the combination of software, service and additional tools contained in the EAM MaaS Package. At the same time, every customer can choose freely where to store his or her data. It is even possible to run Maximo on in-house systems. We at EAM Swiss pride ourselves that optimal solutions can be found for every customer with the help of the flexible MaaS packages.

We shall be glad to demonstrate to you how your enterprise stands to gain from cooperating with these two high performance companies.


Maximo labor reporting has a new user interface

The graphic labor report is the perfect tool for reporting labor hours in IBM Maximo or IBM Control Desk. In this innovative Maximo application developed by EAM Swiss, recorded labor hours are very clearly presented on a calendar. Even untrained users can easily and quickly create, change or delete their reports.

For superiors, a function to approve the labor reports is integrated. Never again will they want to enter labor hours in any other way!

The following YouTube video explains the detailed functioning: EAM Graphic labor reports


EAM Dashboard vollständig in Maximo integriert

Die EAM Swiss hat ein Dashboard in Maximo integriert, mit welchem sehr schnell und einfach Kennzahlen ermittelt und abgerufen werden können. Das EAM Dashboard stelle sehr übersichtlich Informationen dar, welche durch einfaches Filtern oder durch einen Drilldown aussagekräftige KPI liefern. Kein anderes Dashboard ist so nahtlos in Maximo integriert.


Auszug aus den Funktionen:

  • Unterschiedlich Sichten (Auftragsanzahl, geografischer Standort, Kosten effektiv und erwartet)
  • Filterfunktionen
  • Drill-Down in einzelne Bereiche
  • Auflistung der analysierten Datensätze
  • Direkter Sprung in den Maximo-Auftrag


Gerne zeigen wir Ihnen das revolutionäre EAM Dashboard in einer kurzen Präsentation.

Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte über unser Kontaktformular.

25th Maximo User Conference

The Maximo User Conference was held for the 25th time on 17th and 18th May 2017. During this event, EAM Swiss made two exciting presentations about solutions delivered to customers. The interest for the presentation about CAD Integration at Erdgas Ostschweiz was considerable, ensuring that the room was filled up to the last seat. Participants gained an insight into the project and were able to gather interesting information for their own projects. The agenda and the presentations can be downloaded from the relevant page of the Maximo User Conference.

In recognition of the fact that EAM Swiss was allowed to present this project at this event, Johann Rumpl presented Patrick Zimmermann from Erdgas Ostschweiz with a gift certificate for two Maximo Scheduler licenses.


EAM Swiss moves to its new offices

That's today's latest news! Because of the increasing number of staff members, EAM has moved to new and larger offices in Balsberg. We shall be most happy to welcome you to our modern, well-furnished and friendly offices. In addition, we can now deliver training courses on our own premises. 

The street address of our new offices is:

EAM Swiss GmbH

Balz Zimmermann-Strasse 7

8302 Kloten



The postal address of our new location is:

EAM Swiss GmbH


8058 Zürich-Flughafen








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