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  • EAM Swiss GmbH
  • Burgweg 10

  • 8162 Steinmaur

  • Switzerland
  • Handelsregister des Kantons Appenzell Ausserrhoden
    Firmennummer: CH-300.4.016.712-1


EAM Swiss GmbH disclaims any liability for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness and quality of any information provided on its website. EAM Swiss GmbH explicitly retains the right to change the content of this website, in whole or in part, at any time and without prior notice, and to delete or cease publishing it temporarily. On no account shall EAM Swiss GmbH be held liable for any losses or damages, whether material or immaterial, arising from or related to the use or non-use of the information provided, i.e. stemming from the use of erroneous or incomplete information.

EAM Swiss GmbH has not verified third-party websites, i.e. websites not stored on its servers or within its range of influence with links to this website (hyperlinks) and therefore disclaims any liability as to their contents, products, services or other offers.

Data privacy statement

Every access to the EAM Swiss GmbH website is stored in a log file. The stored data shall only be used to optimize the website. None of the data shall be transmitted to third parties, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The IP-address shall only be utilized in the event of an attack on the Internet-infrastructure of EAM Swiss GmbH.


The entire content and structure of the EAM Swiss GmbH web pages are protected by copyright. You may not, without the prior written consent of EAM Swiss GmbH, reproduce in whole or in part, transmit by electronic or other means, change or use these web pages or any content on the website for public or commercial purposes.

E-mail communication

At present e-mail communication with EAM Swiss GmbH is undertaken openly and without encryption. It can therefore not be excluded that data sent by this means are readable by third parties and contacts made with our company can be traced back. In addition, data circulate across borders  even when the emitter and the recipient are located in the same state. For this reason, confidentiality of e-mail communication cannot be guaranteed.

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